Weeknote 01-29

Paul Kiddle

Last week's design sprint was super interesting and productive, everyone did a great job coming up with ideas and designs, and I'm looking forward to reaching the point that we can start building a product.

Most of my thoughts this week have turned to packing boxes, as we'll be moving house next week. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it - it will be sad to say goodbye to our current home, but as the time gets closer I am getting more excited about owning my own home and creating a place that I know is going to be more permenant than anywhere I've lived in the last decade or two.

Adding to my links collection this week: Storygraph, a promising alternative to Amazon's Good Reads. My own personal boycott of tech giants is not so much to damage those companies in any way (it's only a drop in the ocean anyway), but to support small projects and help ensure there are alternative products and ecosystems for people who want a choice.